Welcome to Brightwood Pottery

Brightwood Pottery became a reality in the Fall of 2015 when Benner and Pamela Barclay completed work on their new studio in San Antonio, Texas.  

Benner began his full-time career as a studio potter in 1981. Over the years his focus has been on making pottery that is both functional and beautiful.  Having been a potter for over 35 years, his work currently graces tables all across the country.  Benner enjoys clay’s elasticity and malleability and is currently exploring the beauty of the flaws and imperfections inherent in handmade pottery.

Although Pamela has been working with clay on and off since 1983, she only became a serious student of ceramics in 2014.  She is currently focused on refining her functional hand built forms and is exploring the decorative possibilities of white slip applied over a dark clay body.

Benner and Pamela share the goal of creating beautiful, hand crafted tableware that they hope will be lived with and enjoyed for many years.